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The BONFIX Deluxe frost-free outside wall tap

The outside tap with KIWA certified return valve

The BONFIX frost-free wall tap operates a spindle that shuts off the water supply on the inside of the insulated wall, which prevents the tap and water pipe freezing over on the outside.

The tap is fitted with a KIWA certified return valve, a plastic handgrip and plastic operating key, and a hose buckle with bobbinet.

This complete BONFIX outside wall tap unit excels in superior quality, elegant finish and attractive pricing.


Benefits of BONFIX Deluxe frost-free outside tap:

  • Stainless wall-plate pressed under 2 degree angle for always perfect automatic draining
  • 2-degree wall-plate angle, compensated by 15-18mm connecting elbow with 88 degree gradient.
  • Extended compression elbow fitted with KIWA certified Watts Ocean return valve
  • Unit prepared for drilling hole for copper pipe in brickwork joint so that 2 holes for stainless wall-plate can be drilled in full brick.
  • Inside of chrome-plated housing not chrome plated for proper, long-life soldered joint.
  • Stainless wall-plate provided with locking hole that prevents tap head rotating when closed/ opened.
  • Tap supplied with 18 mm instead of 22 mm water pipe to allow drilling smaller hole in wall while retaining same flow rate as with 22 mm pipe.
  • Tap supplied with 2 operating keys; 1 with threaded mounting, 1 with detachable key.
  • Tap head provided with instruction for consumer on function of automatic drain. Label attached with non-permanent adhesive.