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BONFIX assortment overview:
Everything the plumber needs!

The entire BONFIX assortment is described in a double-thick catalog!

In addition to all articles, there is an extensive technical documentation to read. This documentation describes, among other things, for which applications the BONFIX fittings are suitable and under which circumstances the fittings should be installed.

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BONFIX Compression fittings
Versatile and robust

After regular feedback from customers BONFIX was able to design and launch a superior compression fitting. The BONFIX compression fitting is made from premium-grade, in-house produced yellow brass and comes with a smooth-action compression nut. Absolute top quality covered by a 20 year warranty!





Frost -free outside tap

The frost-resistant outside tap from BONFIX is the solution against a frozen tap. A complete package that is distinguished by superior quality.


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BONFIX Pressfittings
Quality + reliability

BONFIX carries a large range of PRESS fittings, available from stock. The fittings are available in any of the following materials; steel galvanised, stainless steel and red copper. Sized 12mm to 108 mm. All PRESS fittings by BONFIX can be fitted using an M-profile.



“"LET WE NEVER FORGET WHO WE WORK FOR" Quote from M.R. van Buul Founder and Managing Director of BONFIX B.V.
Our core values: Customer friendly and fast service!
BONFIX has a cheerful character and that suits us well, but that should never give the impression that we do not take our work very seriously. The success of BONFIX is based on a high-quality assortment, fast and accurate deliveries and keeping appointments. As a customer, you always come first.

In the modern and sustainable building of BONFIX, a prominent place has been reserved at the entrance for the sculpture shown opposite: The technician. So that everyone who works at BONFIX or who visits BONFIX is always reminded of the following: "Let we never forget who we work for".
M.R. van Buul



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