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BONFIX compression fittings

Versatile and Robust

After regular interaction with customers, BONFIX has been able to develop and market a superior quality compression fitting. The BONFIX compression fitting is made from high-grade, own-produced brass and provided with a smooth running compression nut. Absolute superior quality, covered by a generous:

20 year warranty!

Benefits of the BONFIX compression range:

  • Unparalleled, easy installation
  • Largest, most versatile range
  • Safety assured by KIWA-HA, GASTEC QA and KVGB quality mark
  • Smooth running buckle nut with abutment
  • Suitable for metal and synthetic pipes
  • Made from premium grade own-produced brass
  • Gas, water, air, steam and heating installations
  • SUPERIOR compression nut compliant with GO and NO GO calibre
  • Easy and quick install with standard tools
  • Precision-cut dimensionally stable threads
  • Super-smooth fit thanks to use of Teflon
  • Machined buckle nut with dimensionally stable spanner faces
  • Perfect finish, elegant design
  • Single-component reducer pieces
  • Reuse possible