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BONFIX Radiator fittings

Central heating fittings of absolute best quality

For the completion of a central heating installation, BONFIX offers various fittings of similar, superior quality.


Benefits of BONFIX radiator fittings

  • Available with EPDM O-ring and silicon sealing
  • Various vents included in range
  • Fast delivery
  • Outstanding quality
  • Straight or square-angled radiator valves




BONFIX Differential pressure overflow valve

BONFIX supplies differential pressure overflow valves with KIWA certification. A differential pressure overflow valve equalises the pressure differences in a central heating system. Pressure differences can arise due to sudden temperature increases, a closed–off thermostat, or, for example, under the influence of a floor heating system. This would reduce the amount of water flowing through the central heating system thus causing pressure differences within the system (differential pressure). By installing a differential pressure overflow valve between the supply and return system the pressure differences are equalised, reducing the chance of disruptions occurring within the installation.

Under the influence of an increased pressure difference the differential pressure overflow valve will open to prevent a decrease in water circulation. A differential pressure overflow also helps prevent undesirable noises and possible overloading of the central heating boiler pump. The consistency of the flow rate is maintained thanks to the differential pressure overflow valve.

Benefits of BONFIX Differential pressure overflow valve:

  • Functional up to 100?C max.
  • Installed with 22 mm compression fitting
  • Maximum operating pressure 4 bar
  • Controllable pressure differential: 0.1 to 0.5 bar
  • Flow direction clearly shown