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BONFIX Belgas compression fittings

Compression fittings with ARGB and KVBG mark

The BONFIX Belgas compression fitting has been developed for the Belgian market. This compression fitting is suitable for water and gas systems and assures a long-life, perfect joint. BONFIX Belgas compression fittings are made from premium-grade, own-produced brass. Similar to the model for the Dutch market the BELGAS compression fitting has a smooth running buckle nut. Moreover, the Bonfix Belgas compression fitting is covered by a generous:

20 year warranty!

Benefits of BONFIX Belgas compression fittings:

  • Excellent quality
  • Precision-cut dimensionally stable threading
  • Perfect finish, elegant design
  • SUPERIOR compression nut, compliant with GO and NO GO calibre
  • Super-smooth fit thanks to use of Teflon
  • Favourable price-quality ratio
  • Largest & most versatile range
  • Available from stock
  • Fast and accurate delivery
  • Expert advice
  • Safety assured by KIWA-HA, GASTEC QA and ARGB – KVBG quality mark